Not a Test

February 25, 2023: Daddy is out of town. Mommy is sick in bed with the flu. This is not a test! I repeat, this is not a test! Ever since mommy broke her ankle, she’s been training us for this moment and we were ready! We turned on the TV, made our breakfast, and watched TV quietly for almost the whole day. We checked in on mommy once in a while. She was always sleeping but she was totally surprised when we brought her food – toast, an orange, and a bowl of ice cream! Then, she told US to have ice cream for our lunch. Woohoo! We called daddy to assure him that we were fine. (Mommy is questionable.) I’m not sure he was convinced because a pizza was delivered a little later. After a whole day of watching TV and eating, the dishes really piled up. We called daddy one more time. He said to leave the dishes! Yay! Time for bedtime stuff and reading books. Mommy made it out of bed to give us air hugs. Geez. This being a gown up thing is tiring. Good night.

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