February 28, 2016

February 28, 2016: On Friday I went to a retirement party. There were a bunch of old people there. Today, I went to a baby shower party. I like the baby shower better. There were some old people, but lots of kids. Plus it was at a fun place called a bowling alley. It’s where people roll a ball to knock down white sticks. Grandpa was at the party and he is an expert bowler. He helped me bowl for the first time. When grandpa rolls the ball it spins fast on its side and knocks down all the sticks. He said the ball is too heavy for me to pick up so we put the ball on a slide. I got to push it and watch it roll and knock the pins. I didn’t knock down as many pins as grandpa, but I’m only one. He is way older. He should knock over like 300 pins, but he only knocked down 10.

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