Papa? Need Bathtub

July 27, 2016:  I’m really starting to love lake living. There is something different to do everyday, but the same every day stuff is the most fun of all. This morning we had to go for a boat ride to town to get gas. My cousin Cici and I held hands walking to the parking lot. Every body piled in to our minivan. Before we got gas we all went to the park and played on the swings and slides…even Ashton and aunt Susie! Then daddy, Abi, Cici, and I ran in the grass holding hands.  It was really funny. The same stuff happened after that – we swam, threw rocks, caught froggies, and ate food together. I’ve been in the water everyday, but daddy said I was stinky so he made me a bath…in a storage tote. Um…I didn’t like it. Luckily it was fast. Aunt Susie helped and I let her know baths are supposed to be in the bathtub. I have a process. She said the cottage doesn’t have a bathtub. So I put a firm call in to grandpa. This is an opportunity to combine a couple of my favorite things.

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