October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016: CANDY!!!! I had my first M&Ms tonight! Three of them. Mmm…good. Trick-or-treating is amazing. I don’t think mommy dressed up. Daddy did. Finley was a tired pea. Ring the bell! Thank you! Give kids candy at the door! I want to do it again. I should get some candy for daddy. Kids came to the door. I give them some candy too. Not M&Ms though. Some MORE kids came. They need more candy. Let’s put it in a different bowl. Save some for mommy. Happy Halloween! Our pumpkins are on the porch. What is a Kit Kat? Ok, I try it. TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!! Where did grammie and papa go? I want to do this again! 1001910021998210004

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