More Bacon?

10959November 26, 2016: About a year ago I met the Bacons. A whole lot of them came to our house. It was frightening, but they did bring me a book that turned out to be one of my favorites so they weren’t really all that bad. This afternoon they showed up again! This time it was after my nap and not all of them came. I was still uneasy but I warmed up to them much faster. I remember last time the weird old guy Scott wanted to smell me. That was so odd. I didn’t have time to warn Finley about Scott and she let him hold her. If mommy and daddy aren’t going to give her the talk about strangers then I guess I’ll have to do it…geesh. I’m still not too sure about Scott. Eve was really cool, though. She even knew about Paw Patrol! She can come back to play anytime! 10947

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