Paper Storm

11964December 24, 2016:  Christmas Eve is the day grammie and papa have a party at their house. Finley and I got there early and we gave our presents to grammie and papa. I think they liked them a lot. Then we got to open up our presents. I got the Paw Patrol Lookout that I’ve always wanted! So awesome! All my cousins and great aunts and uncles arrived later, and grandma and grandpa came too! There was a lot of food and a whole bunch of presents. It seemed like everyone had presents for everyone else. Paper was everywhere. A storm of sparklie Christmas wrapping. Finley had to take a break for a bottle. It was hard to tell who was who. At one point, I heard crying. I think I lost a cousin somewhere. When it was over everyone had toys, socks, or underwear. I’m very tired. Goodnight.


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