Jingle -ugh- Bells

12063December 26, 2016: Mommy and daddy have been discussing the idea of me using the big potty for a while now. I’ve been watching mommy and reading books. It seems pretty simple. I’m just not ready yet. I always tell them when I’m pooping, but I never go on the potty. Grandma got me a special Paw Patrol seat. It’s a little more tempting. But after an exhausting day of opening presents I’d rather do my business in front of the Christmas tree. It’s a much better view and I don’t have to stop playing. Besides if Finley doesn’t have to use the potty, why should I? I taught her the joys of pooping on daddy’s lap with your toes tickled by Harley breath. I’m a big sister. These are the important lessons.  12061

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