Preschool Playtime

12779January 13, 2017:  Mommy told me I can’t go to school until I stop wearing diapers. I’m not ready to use the potty yet, but I really wanted to go to school.  So I found a school that doesn’t discriminate against diapered Americans. Today was my first day of school! Mommy and daddy came, but Finley stayed home to practice her tummy time with grammie and papa. I really,  really liked it. I met my teacher, Ms. Katelyn, and a bunch of new kids to play with. We started class sitting in a circle and had to introduce ourselves. None of the other kids wanted to say their names. I told everyone my name, but I said it quietly. Then Ms. Katelyn let us play at the snack, paint, project, and Play-doh stations! After that we could play with any of the toys we wanted. I can’t wait to go back next week. And I have all this free time now that I’m not sitting around on the potty all day.

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