The Terrible Two

tmp_29700-abdk4ykokwsyfdx-qsdqqkj0cochcub03k3z22l-jmi3ratdkcpbnvupu2z7s5biebzii1uu2b-t57-0niotmma12uqzzncyt8kcfjuom0u6trdo_8akvyb5dxgyfnzo4q-631188071February 15, 2017: When I was little I thought about playing in a punk rock band. I never thought in a million years I could start my own band, but now that Finley is here it looks like a real possibility. She’s learning the piano and I’ve picked up the drums and singing. We’ll be pretty good some day, but right now we need a lot of practice. Finley will need to stop playing the piano with her feet and start playing with her hands and I need to learn some more songs. I only know the ABC song and parts of the Heffalump song. The good news is I already have a name picked out – The Terrible Two. tmp_29700-afmaabcezucw9ryf0evyhpdd0hvkcjjkk4xxxfky1h8aegebtmpnkj68njbq9zry5piprmvqvegzq7bzn6uuz_tgfreagciyn9gvco-w1isfocwa5t54ed6jaz61ljqnja-879841344

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