img_20170301_183222014March 1, 2017: I thought we were done with mommy’s milestone checklist. When I was a baby she was constantly following me around excitedly writing all my “accomplishments.” I use quotes because I’m not sure how finding my toes is noteworthy.  I thought she was over it, but now poor Finley is the focus of her latest list. She found her toes a few weeks ago, so…alert the Smithsonian. I thought I’d help Fin by distracting mommy today. Daddy was working from home this afternoon and already distracted. Fin and I clipped balloons to our backs and marched through the house. It worked great until daddy practiced sitting up with Fin on their bed. That is a major checklist item. She practically pushed me over to get a picture. Madness. img_20170301_160602272


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