Catching Up

tmp_15492-IMG_20170312_093104670616446887March 12, 2017: Grandma and grandpa bought a new house, but it doesn’t have a kitchen. I’m not sure why my grandparents keep buying houses without kitchens. That’s the second time this has happened. I mean, do they not notice when the refrigerator is missing?! That would be my first clue. Anyway, daddy went to help them build a new kitchen today. I needed help entertaining mommy and Finley (that’s normally daddy’s and my job), so I invited my friend Anna to come over to help me. It was great to see her, but I quickly realized she knew nothing about Paw Patrol. Since playing with my pups is the best way to occupy mommy and Finley, I started teaching Anna right away. She’s a faster study than Finley. When I tell Finley to make Zuma talk, she tries to eat him. That’s not even close, dude.

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