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tmp_20483-252291135961934March 20, 2017: Mommy says if we don’t keep grammie and papa on their toes, they will start feeling old. We don’t want that to happen so Jameson and I are doing what we can. Sometimes it’s one of us. Sometimes it’s both of us. Lately we’ve been taking turns making meal times difficult. Jameson is really good at it, so I’ve been watching her the last few weeks. This week is my turn. So far I’ve made grammie feed me in a moving swing and in the Bjorn. Jameson hasn’t commented on my work yet, but I think she’s impressed. She’s been really good eating, helping with chores, and playing nicely so I think that’s her way of taking it easy on grammie and papa while I do the dirty work. Grammie and papa have no idea what we’re doing…we make a great team!

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