House Divided

Screenshot_20170331-201437March 31, 2017:  The morning started off normal, but after grammie and papa came over it got kooky. Mommy and I got in her car, and daddy got in his car. Was I going to work with mommy? Jameson stayed with grammie and papa. Mommy and I drove to a house, and when my van door opened grandma and daddy were standing there. Then we went inside and grandpa was there fixing things. Then Aunt Meghan came over with Gavin. Mommy, daddy, and Aunt Meghan left. Then Aunt Ellen came over. All this made me very nervous and confused, so I cried a lot. Gavin danced and sang to help me fall asleep. When I woke up mommy and daddy were back. I need to learn how to talk so I can ask people what in the world is going on. So tonight I paid special attention to mommy reading books to Jameson. There’s gotta be some words in a story about an ox, a cart, and a guy that I can use, right?

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