All Work and No Play?

tmp_16468-25906883248160April 12, 2017: What. A. Day. Since daddy went to work at his conference early this morning, we started our adventures early too! I needed a lot of time to show Finley all the cool stuff around our hotel. We walked to the toy store, the candy store, ate some breakfast, hung out at the beach, played on a playground, stopped at a winery, ate some lunch, took a nap, swam at the pool, ate some pizza, ate some ice cream, and played Hide and Seek. We even checked on daddy at “work” a couple times. The first time he wasn’t even at his booth and the second time he was there but he was playing a game! (I think I need a new definition of work.) It was great to have grammie and papa on our adventures all day, but Finley and I really missed daddy. He finally found us at the very end of the day just in time for Hide and Seek.

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