Baby Talk

15703April 17, 2017: I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh too. I think Finley realizes this soft spot and has been exploiting it. I don’t care as long as she laughs. I’m beginning to enjoy having a little sister a bit more. Now I just wish I understood what the heck she is saying. Daddy said I used to speak baby.  If I ever knew how to speak baby it is a long forgotten language for me now and if we are going to communicate it’s up to Finley to learn how to speak English. Probably a good idea anyway. I’m just starting to like her and wouldn’t want our current president to deport her due to some sort of confusion. Anyway I gave her my Paw Patrol coloring book to practice reading. There aren’t any words, but she needs to learn to turn pages and stop eating it before I give her one of my real Paw Patrol books. 15698

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