Girls Best Friend

IMG952017052095111702559May 20, 2017:  I’ve been trying to tell Finley that grandma and grandpa are cool and that she doesn’t need to be afraid of them. She didn’t listen to me. She didn’t listen to mommy and daddy either. I don’t get it! Grandma and grandpa are so much fun! Why would anyone be afraid of them? Anyway, we went to play with them at their house today. We needed to bring grandma her mother’s day present and hugs. Finley talked to Biscuit and got to have a heart to heart chat with him. He must have been able to convince her that grandma has street cred because she didn’t scream the whole time we were there AND she let grandma hold her. Thank goodness someone got through to her! I thought Finley was a cat person, but she seems to be a dog person too. Now maybe she can join daddy and me at our secret ‘We Need a Puppy’ meetings! 16636IMG952017052095125930000

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