30740July 19, 2017: I’m days away from turning 10 months old and I don’t have any teeth yet. This is getting ridiculous. Mommy said not to worry because Jameson got her first tooth late too….but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this late?! I’ve been uncomfortable and kinda cranky lately so maybe it’ll be here soon. Jameson let me chew on one of her old rubbery toothbrushes. That helped a little. Then we went on a special trip to find her a new Paw Patrol toothbrush. I can’t wait to get some teeth and get my own Paw Patrol toothbrush. Jameson has a funny way of trying to make me feel better. Yeah, let me chew on this thing while you take your mouthful of pearly whites to the store to buy your fourth toothbrush. C’mon, sis!

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