Potty Party!

IMG952017101395121142798October 13, 2017:  I PEED IN THE POTTY!! Sorry for the capital letters, but I’m pretty excited about this. It seems like we’ve been practicing for ever! My first time peeing in the potty happened at school today. I couldn’t wait to tell mommy and Finley when they picked me up. I reminded mommy we needed to go buy the Sea Patroller, so we went right after school. I made sure everyone at Target knew why I was getting this special toy. I was getting high fives from strangers after I told them that I peed in the potty. Then we met grammie, papa, Ava, and Landon for ice cream! Before lunch! All this was so good, I wanted to do it again. So after naptime…I DID! Right when daddy got home from work.  But I wasn’t done yet. He was so excited he ran around the house and rolled in the grass! Then he picked me up and ran around the house yelling again. Phew! What a day! I should have done this month’s ago!

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