Jet Blues

IMG95201801139510075320595HDRJanuary 13, 2018: We dropped daddy off at the airport this morning. I was excited and couldn’t wait to fly daddy to California. The whole drive I keep telling daddy that I was ready to fly him there. Daddy kept asking me silly questions like ‘do you know how to fly a plane?’ and ‘do you know how to start it?’….ahhh, yes and press a button. So easy. Doesn’t he know I pay attention watching Skye fly in all my Paw Patrol episodes?! I even saw some planes in the plane parking lot and picked out the biggest one for me to fly. Unfortunately when we actually got to the airport, daddy didn’t even let me out of my carseat. I don’t know why he didn’t want me to take him. It made me sad. I really miss him. If he brings me that pink easter egg I asked for, that might make me feel better.IMG95201801139510073197195HDRIMG952018011395135122823

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