Strictly Research

IMG95201801209516171707895BURST006January 20, 2018:  Mommy, daddy, and I have been starting to plan Jameson’s birthday party. She’s gonna be three years old so it’s kind of a big deal. We know for sure that she wants a Paw Patrol cake and balloons, but other than that we’re still not very far along. Today we did some field research at cousin Adylyn’s birthday party. She’s two years old now. Her family had her party at Chuck E. Cheese! You guys wouldn’t believe this place. Jameson and I were a little disappointed at mommy for not taking us there sooner. I’m not sure daddy will let us have Jameson’s party there, but we DID pick out the ice cream for her party. Dip-N-Dots are like eating tiny balls of happiness, you guys. IMG952018012095162310986IMG952018012095160648593IMG952018012095162323449IMG952018012095161005206IMG952018012095163613341IMG952018012095164103680IMG952018012095163724171

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