Light Bulb Moment

IMG_20180125_152746155January 25, 2018:  I really like lights. I like them on. I like them off. Mostly I like to see them go on and off. The problem is when I want to see lights, I need to ask a tall person for help. Mommy was happy to help for a while, but she gets kinda busy. Daddy was known to help me turn on some lights, but his finger would get tired too fast. Lately, Jameson has been my “go-to” light switcher, but she likes to have her own playtime too. I was starting to feel needy, but then I had a great idea. I decided to grow my legs some more so I could reach the light switches all by myself! So far I can reach the light switch at grammie and papa’s house. Now I just need to grow my finger a little bit longer.


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