3 = #1 + #2

IMG952018020395080701219February 3, 2018: I’ve started and stopped this potty thing a few times over the last couple months, but I wasn’t quite ready. Mommy and daddy haven’t said much, but I did hear them say I’d be too big for diapers when I turned 3. I told them I would go in the potty on my birthday. We had a countdown on our calendar. My birthday was Wednesday but things were a little crazy since we were staying with grammie and papa. I didn’t bring it up and neither did they…until this morning. I asked to use the potty when I woke up……..aaaaaaaand then I pooped in the potty! I put on my big kid underpants and peed in the potty the rest of the day! Everyone wanted to help. Mommy and daddy had alarms and reminders. Papa and Fin read training materials and debated the best way to track everything. Grammie showed up with a bag of pink M&Ms. Did I mention mommy and daddy let me have an ice cream sundae for breakfast and I got my Sea Patroller back?! Being a big kid rocks! IMG952018020395101600041

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