V is for Vacuum

IMG_20180224_104726333February 24, 2018: I’m kinda obsessed with vacuums. Actually, more like totally obsessed. It all started when I was a baby and the only way to get me to sleep was with the vacuum turned on. Now, I love to see them and watch them work and even use them. Mommy and papa try to hide the vacuum from me, but they can’t fool me. I walk around the house saying “vacuum, aaare you?” And when that doesn’t work, I say “Papa, vacuum please” and he falls for it every time. Today mommy, papa, and grammie took me to a store that only sells vacuums! Why has no one mentioned this to me before? There were so many vacuums. We even got to vacuum up green and pink sand. It was better than any toy store I’ve ever been in. I was so happy I said “hi” to people who walked in the door. The sales guy mentioned he could use a store greeter. That guy better watch out. Before long I might have his job!

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