Just a Jameson

IMG95201805209511305386195HDRMay 20, 2018: I don’t know what’s worse, skinned knees, ear infection, or pink eye. Somehow how I managed to get all three in the same day…it’s a little ridiculous.  Mommy says it’s par for the course since I’m a McGahey. Daddy doesn’t disagree, but he was quick to add that I sound like a Bierzynski when I’m not feeling well. Then he showed me his knee scar to make me feel better. Points for mommy. But, really, they’re both wrong. They keep forgetting I’m just a Jameson. Fin is sick too, and she’s being quite a Bierzynski about it.IMG952018052095151509194IMG952018052095151647349vmacocsoak_2211277150503-1-IMG952018052095153307113

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