Support Staff

IMG95201805239515470240995HDRMay 23, 2018: Since Jameson and I have been pretty sick for the last month or so, mommy is really behind in her yardwork. After letting mommy hold me for most of my two and a half hour nap this afternoon, I thought it would be nice to let mommy get some gardening done. I also thought it would be nice to help with the watering. I think mommy really appreciated it…and I know she really loved it when we cheered her on during our snack. Daddy chipped in and made some banana chocolate chip muffins. Guess he thought he needed to step up his game or something?!IMG952018052395141308185IMG95201805239516394490195HDRIMG95201805239516523779195BURST00095COVERIMG95201805239513003015195HDRIMG95201805239516504660395BURST003IMG952018052395124429224

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