Jump On Bed

IMG952018060295163901041June 2, 2018: If mommy would let me, I would jump on the bed all day long. Unfortunately, she won’t, so I never get to have any fun. Fortunately for me, mommy’s cousin Kerry is super cool and throws great parties. She had a birthday party for her boys and it came with a bounce house! It was incredible! I got to bounce and jump like crazy and no one said ‘no jumping on the bed’ for once. Mommy, Jameson, grammie, and papa even jumped with me. There was also cake, water balloons, a water table, a slide, and swings. When we were leaving cousin Kerry was setting up a special table with red cups and little balls. She didn’t cry like me but I could tell mommy didn’t want to leave either. IMG952018060295160016060IMG952018060295154331858IMG952018060295163732324IMG952018060295172013681IMG952018060295173622058IMG952018060295154124048IMG952018060295153902038IMG952018060295175446656IMG952018060295140919323

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