Big Sister Club

IMG95201807059516353789695HDRJuly 5, 2018: Mommy tried to tell us that life is not always rainbows and ponies. She clearly has not hung out with Aunt Ellen enough. There was literally a rainbow pony in the water at her cottage when we got there! Oh, and I got to watch videos in the car on the way up and ride on a boat and swim and jump off the rainbow pony into the lake and see a frog and have my first campfire and eat my first s’mores and rock in a hammock and see a 5th of July boat parade and stay up past my bedtime and see stars and see fireworks all in one day! Fin had a pretty good time too, but she only got to do half of this stuff…some things you only get to do when you’re a card holding member of the Big Sister Club, right Aunt Ellen?!?!?!

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