Serious Business

IMG952018071395121322569July 13, 2018: Mommy’s birthday is next month. Daddy says it’s kind of a big one and she’s gonna have a party….at the roller skating rink! We are super excited! We’ve only seen videos on Daniel Tiger, but we went with mommy to the rink this afternoon to check it out. Ah. Maze. Ing. We observed a party in progress and took a lot of notes. Party planning is serious business. Finley didn’t want to leave, but I convinced her we needed to get home to start on other party essentials like dance, decorations, music, and food. We started choreographing our ballet dance, practiced our body painting techniques, worked on our musical act, and synchronized our ice cream eating skills. With Finley and I in charge and providing all the entertainment this is gonna be a party mommy won’t ever forget! IMG952018071395121000075Screenshot_20180713-210212IMG952018071395191534378IMG95201807139518321151895HDRIMG_20180713_210435IMG952018071395161918538

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