IMG95201807289518154714995BURST00095COVERJuly 28, 2018: I’ve been lied to. Old McDonald’s song doesn’t mention anything about parties. It turns out farms don’t always have cows or ducks or horsies but they are a great place to have a party. We went to mommy’s friend’s mommy’s farm to celebrate her life. There were great toys for playing, cats for chasing, live bands playing music for dancing, food for eating, and lots of fun people. Oh and did I mention a whole room just filled with desserts? Fin McGahey wants a farm. E-I-E-I-O! (Psssst! Don’t tell Finley, but I got to stay up late to see fireflies!)IMG952018072895162930841IMG95201807289516424315795HDRIMG952018072895164506174IMG95201807289516542814895HDRIMG952018072895165631790IMG952018072895181301609Screenshot_20180728-212326

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