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IMG95201808049520142960195HDRAugust 4, 2018: It was a long drive, but it was so worth it to hang out with our new best friends. Daddy is good at picking out best friends. The main criteria for him seems to be that they’re funny and really nice, but Finley and I added some requirements to our list. They need to have a pool, piano, pinball machine, chess set, funny-shaped art, books about candles, cool kids that show us how to jump off the diving board, smooth rocks, and a place for us to crash after the party. We’re now accepting applications… Screenshot_20180805-193652Screenshot_20180805-194119IMG952018080495173103304IMG952018080495171817421IMG952018080495155347828IMG952018080495154521302IMG952018080495153853498IMG952018080495140232175IMG952018080495123959096IMG952018080495123907180IMG952018080495125150794

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