Rest Stop

attachment-1_13August 20, 2018:  I’ve never been in the car for so long in my life and I’m going to be two years old next month. Jameson said she remembered the drive to the cottage was “kinda long.” Daddy said it’s a ways away, but “isn’t too bad.” Mommy said the drive is so long she thinks we might be teenagers by the time we get there. It was a long drive, but I didn’t mind it too much. We made it fun by going over bridges, under tunnels, watching windmill fans, stopping to eat, stopping at parks, stopping to pee at interesting bathrooms, and watching TV in the van. When we finally got to the cottage grandma and grampa were waiting for us with a boat to take us across the lake. Whoops. They must have been waiting there a looooooooong time. Maybe we shouldn’t have stopped to play at so many parks.


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