Road Regularity

IMG95201808259516411302095HDRAugust 25, 2018:  My body doesn’t work very well on the road. My poop and pee go all kookie on me. To make matters worse, I was having so much fun at the cottage I forgot to poop for a couple days. So during the nine hour drive home I kept feeling like, THIS IS IT! We’d find a bathroom and then…nothing. Then when we got home I pooped three times in a half hour. I need to figure this out if I want to go to the cottage with daddy more than once a year.  Mommy should have brought my potty so I could have used that instead of grammie’s Tupperware when we weren’t near a toilet. Daddy did have fun on the drive home though. I could tell. In other news, Finley likes eating red onions…just red onions with a little Italian dressing. Weird.

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