Helps to Say I’m Mad

IMG_20180904_083051598September 4, 2018:  Today was the day we shipped Jameson off to school. I thought maybe while she was gone mommy, daddy, grammie, papa, and I would go to a park or grab some ice cream or something. I made the suggestion several times this morning and I even brought a picture of ice cream for our family photo on the porch. We were not on the same page. Mommy and daddy left to go to school with Jameson. I was mad. Grammie and papa didn’t even want to go get ice cream.  They said no ice cream for breakfast. Not cool you guys…ice cream is cool…you guys? Not cool.  IMG_20180904_083027949_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20180904_090435158IMG_20180904_104509619IMG_20180904_172725444IMG_20180904_182201338IMG_20180904_192450721

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