You Go First

IMG_20180912_091020583September 12, 2018: I had my two year old doctor appointment today. I like a lot of things about going to the doctor. I usually go alone with just mommy and daddy, so we get some quality time together. Our doctor is nice and she thinks I’m doing great growing and learning. There’s also a special treat or two involved. Did someone say lollipop?! I asked Jameson if she had shots at her two year old appointment and she said no. Mommy and I had a special chocolate chip muffin treat before my appointment. I put my hands in my pockets like a big kid on the way over. Daddy met us there. I had a pleasant conversation with my doctor. She said no shots, but then… mommy and daddy sold me out. They volunteered me for a flu shot! I got to watch mommy go first though and mine didn’t even hurt! I’m getting better at this big kid stuff than they thought.


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