School Bus Hunting

IMG_20180924_085347103_HDRSeptember 24, 2018: If I could take mommy to school with me, I would go in a heartbeat. But I can’t, so for now I’ve settled for chasing school buses around town with mommy. After we drop Jameson off at school, there are school buses everywhere. We drive around and point out each bus we see. I’m not talking one or two. I’m talking ten or fifteen or twenty-two! Mommy says we see so many because the buses have finished dropping the kids off at school and they are all heading back for their nap in their special parking lot. I always thought she was making up stories, but today she took me there….we parked across the street and watched bus after bus after bus after bus pull in to the lot. It was beautiful. IMG_20180924_160550358_HDRIMG_20180924_160712355_HDRIMG_20180924_161145628_HDRIMG_20180924_093454327_HDR

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