Out of Sorts

IMG_20181005_094625603_HDROctober 5, 2018: Daddy went to close the cottage the other day. I’m not sure how many days he’s been gone exactly, but I’m guessing more than usual. Mommy seems a little out of sorts. For breakfast she let me eat popcorn and watch a movie. We had chocolate chip pancakes for lunch. And then we got to paint pottery at a special art studio before having dinner at Panera.  Having mommy out of sorts is awesome! Why can’t she be like this all the time?!IMG_20181005_101843146_HDRIMG_20181005_155641309_HDRIMG_20181005_160216969_HDRIMG_20181005_161332501_HDRIMG_20181005_162253247_HDRIMG_20181005_162258063_HDRIMG_20181005_132211999_HDRIMG_20181005_132204748_HDRIMG_20181005_132310287_HDR.

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