Birthday Blues

IMG_20181014_100252844_BURST004October 14, 2018: Jameson was invited to a birthday party. I wasn’t invited. I don’t like not being invited and I especially don’t like having my mommy go off to parties without me. Daddy promised me we’d have a special day of our own while they were gone. He was right. We did have fun. We even dressed to look like twins. Daddy and I needed some quality time anyway. When they got back I needed a nap from all our fun. Then mommy was working in the garden. Now I need some quality mommy time! IMG_20181014_105354810IMG_20181014_111934082IMG_20181014_112028886IMG_20181014_122544685_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20181014_111641201_HDRIMG_20181014_113702234_HDRIMG_20181014_123931492_HDRIMG_20181014_130148404_HDRIMG_20181014_130453183_HDRIMG_20181014_132807746IMG_20181014_183901970_HDRIMG_20181014_180922922_HDR

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