Garbage Gals

IMG_20181016_164627582_HDROctober 16, 2018: We love watching garbage trucks. They come down our street on Tuesdays, hang out at 7/11 near grammie and papa’s on Mondays, and we make sure mommy lets us see four garbage trucks while we drive home. We even like to pretend daddy is a garbage truck. We sit on him and he lifts us up and throws us on the couch. So it was hard to share when mommy said we could bring in the empty trash cans today. They were light. Daddy gets to take out the trash every week. Lucky! We can’t wait when we’re big enough to take out the trash! IMG_20181016_080828318_HDRIMG_20181016_150617188_HDRIMG_20181016_151354213_HDRIMG_20181016_175840328_BURST000_COVERIMG_20181016_184715847

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