Dry Run

IMG_20181024_165155320_HDROctober 24, 2018: My new best friend is Dave. He lives in the house behind ours. He reminds me of my grandpas. I like to hang out with him and talk to him and see his vacuum and look at his fancy clock. Usually I visit him when Jameson is at dance class. He’s a cool guy. I really wanted to test drive trick or treating at his house today. I rang the doorbell a few times but no one answered. Mommy said he was either napping or out shopping. I was disappointed. Instead Jameson and I practiced with leaves we found in his yard. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow and try again! IMG_20181024_165829078_HDRIMG_20181024_160311366_BURST000_COVERIMG_20181024_142328091_HDRIMG_20181024_134625621_BURST000_COVER

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