Growing Affection

IMG_20181026_160357490October 26, 2018: Sometimes I wanna be a big kid and sometimes I don’t. Mostly I just wanna have dance parties with Jameson, mommy, and daddy.  Big kids get to do more stuff like school, bike riding, and putting and taking off their coats by themselves. Of course being a little kid comes with lots of benefits too…like having a big sister that takes such good care of you. When I grow up I hope I don’t get older than Jameson.IMG_20181026_133236600_HDRIMG_20181026_123447782_HDRIMG_20181026_140904486_HDRIMG_20181026_153956902_HDRIMG_20181026_182657354IMG_20181026_183525759_HDRIMG_20181026_183545461_BURST015

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