Snow Words

IMG_20181109_084052727_HDRNovember 9, 2018: For the last two winters I was jipped. Looking back I’m pretty sure I totally missed out on playing in the snow. Mommy and Daddy almost always managed to find a way to keep me inside. Yeah, I got out a couple times but nothing compared to Jameson. This winter I’m not letting that happen. We woke up to snow this morning and I made mommy take me out to play in it right after breakfast. She couldn’t say no. She was working from home and Jameson was at school. I’m so glad I perfected my communication skills over the last year. I think she got the point. IMG_20181109_080224644IMG_20181109_083123014IMG_20181109_083251836IMG_20181109_083812394_HDRIMG_20181109_084355963_HDRIMG_20181109_085347424_HDRIMG_20181109_144330209_HDR

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