Strong Like An Ant

IMG_20181112_174359047_BURST000_COVERNovember 12, 2018: I was only a few months old when mommy and daddy took me to Jameson’s first soccer practice, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Jameson had just turned two and she got to run around the field with mommy and kick balls and score goals and knock over cones and chase hula hoops and it was amazing. I have been wondering when I was gonna get my turn. Well, today was my turn! I was so excited! I love it! It was just like Jameson’s was but without all the other kids. That was strange, but luckily Jameson wanted to try soccer again and her practice was right next to mine. Sometimes I got to run on her field when I wanted some company. But mostly I wanted to stay on my field and chase my hula hoop and hold it above my head and yell, “I’m strong like an ant.” Yeah. Mommy is right. Soccer is so cool. IMG_20181112_172630628IMG_20181112_172825510_BURST009IMG_20181112_173222106IMG_20181112_173415313IMG_20181112_175956639IMG_20181112_180054937IMG_20181112_180059880IMG_20181112_174943144IMG_20181112_174934305

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