PJ Xmas Prep

IMG_20181123_162933038November 23, 2018: Mommy loves a good old fashioned pajama day. She doesn’t get the chance to do them too often anymore, so she REALLY loves it when we can. Heck, we’re starting to really love them too….. comfy pajamas all day, lounging on the couch, TV, playing, M&Ms…..plus we got to read our thank you notes to each other and then decorate our tree with ornaments! It is officially a Christmas tree now! IMG_20181123_160515314IMG_20181123_160545727IMG_20181123_160921029IMG_20181123_161106719IMG_20181123_161440164_BURST000_COVERIMG_20181123_161527836IMG_20181123_161915138_BURST006IMG_20181123_162027659_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20181123_162124192IMG_20181123_162203927IMG_20181123_162702826_BURST002IMG_20181123_162919515

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