Wears On Me

IMG_20181129_185243405November 29, 2018: Mommy is always asking me to consider how I would feel if something were to happen to me. She called it empathy. Daddy calls it walking in their shoes. This has royally screwed me up. I can walk in papa’s flip flops just fine, but when I watch a Tinkerbell movie I get upset and ask to turn it off. Daddy says we should keep watching and it’s only a movie. So should I care or not people?! Today I was able to make it through…well most of the movie. To celebrate Fin and I dressed up like Tink and her sister, Periwinkle. It helps to also walk in their clothes. IMG_20181129_155933759IMG_20181129_155819738IMG_20181129_184821570_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20181129_184432690_BURST000_COVERIMG_20181129_182257736IMG_20181129_154601434IMG_20181129_154445111

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