Odd Jobs

IMG_20181209_082503282December 9, 2018: With a little help from daddy, I counted to 100 this morning. I still get a couple of numbers confused, but it won’t be long before I’ve got it. It’s important that I know my numbers because daddy is getting pretty old. His mind doesn’t always work that great and his body breaks down all the time. Mommy says at this rate I’m gonna have to take over daddy’s house projects. Good thing I’ve been asking him every night to tell me how toilets and lights work. I don’t mind helping, but I hope he realizes I need time to develop my own hair, makeup, fashion, baking, dancing, and art career! IMG_20181209_153600900IMG_20181209_153631064IMG_20181209_091311933_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20181209_152608461IMG_20181209_152601248IMG_20181209_143513980IMG_20181209_142736184IMG_20181209_112202008_BURST000_COVERIMG_20181209_101553201IMG_20181209_100519005IMG_20181209_111744370IMG_20181209_114438753

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