Don’t Step In It

IMG_20181228_123532846December 28, 2018: Christmas vacation is awesome. Daddy is home. No school. Presents. Annnnnnd playdates! We went to Ella and Grace’s house this morning. We played inside but it was so warm we played outside too! Fortunately, we brought our rainboots. It was a little muddy and we even came across deer poop…we didn’t step in it. At least I don’t think we did?! Todd should really do a better job cleaning up his yard. He has a tractor so you’d think it would be easy. Guess we’ll have to remember to buy him a pooper scooper attachment or something next Christmas. IMG_20181228_111502882IMG_20181228_111715629_BURST001IMG_20181228_113031011IMG_20181228_113050920IMG_20181228_120442772_BURST000_COVERIMG_20181228_121750166IMG_20181228_122534490IMG_20181228_123046414IMG_20181228_123511325_BURST000_COVERIMG_20181228_123948847

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