The Screenplay

img_20190106_104106222January 6, 2019: Jameson warned me that this could happen. The people at Netflix stole her favorite Winnie the Pooh movie, Springtime with Roo, last year. The Huffalump Movie is my favorite. I like to watch it once or maybe twice a week if I’m really in the mood. Well those meanie-pants took my Heffalump movie out of our TV last week. Luckily our whole family knows all the words so we can act out my favorite scenes until the replacement daddy ordered arrives. Today Jameson and I played the part of Kanga while daddy played Roo. We sang Little Mr. Roo, kissed him, and said ‘Goodnight Sweetheart.” Just like the movie. Then we captured him like a heffalump in the name of the Hundred Acre Wood. We are a small community theater with many roles to fill. Sometimes we need to get creative.



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