Sew Hard

img_20190110_155226535_burst000_cover_topJanuary 10, 2019: Grandma gave Jameson a rainbow skirt for Christmas. I know I already have the same skirt, but sometimes I just really like Jameson’s clothes and want to wear her stuff instead of mine. Unfortunately, Jameson is not being very careful with her clothes. She already ripped her rainbow dress! How am I ever supposed to borrow her clothes if she doesn’t take care of them. Isn’t that what sisters are for…sharing clothes?! Good thing grammie knows how to sew and patched up her skirt. Sewing doesn’t look so hard. I should ask grammie to teach me. img_20190110_155241599img_20190110_152747444_burst007img_20190110_152253345_burst000_cover_topimg_20190110_152738066_burst005


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