Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

img_20190113_153727628January 13, 2019: Fin and I went to another birthday party this afternoon. Yup. That’s two in two days. Was it a blast? YES! Do I want my party at a bounce house place instead of a bowling alley? I don’t know. Picking a party venue is so hard. It’s like when I had to pick one Halloween costume. Ugh. If I’m super cute and well behaved, maybe mommy and daddy will just agree to multiple parties at multiple places…..well, actually I should really be asking papa. He can never say no to me! img_20190113_131727591img_20190113_134632976_burst000_coverscreenshot_20190113-203608img_20190113_140748711img_20190113_141325353img_20190113_143137218mvimg_20190113_144207946img_20190113_144330680img_20190113_14502181862776279

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