School Mom

img_20190117_140739592January 17, 2019: I went to school two times today. The first time was like normal and the second time was after dinner and I took mommy for Mom’s Night! We got right to work as soon as we walked in the door – word building, pin pushing, water dropping, fish scooping, and bubble mixing. We took a quick snack break too. I served mommy water and tortilla chips. I had so much fun showing mommy my classroom. Now that she’s seen what I do, maybe she won’t ask me so many questions about school when I get home! fb_img_1547861393515mvimg_20190117_181928862img_20190117_182513830mvimg_20190117_183739483img_20190117_183858929_burst017mvimg_20190117_183837029img_20190117_184508987img_20190117_174737628_burst000_coverimg_20190117_134034853

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